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If you’ve been following the progress of the various versions of the health care legislation that are moving through the Senate, as well as the one that passed in the House, you know that the next step is that the Senate is voting this weekend whether or not to proceed to the debate stage on their bill.

Many of us at Silkin Management Group have been following these various forms of the legislation as it will affect our clients at Silkin as well as the management of their practices and business. We’ve posted a variety of articles and references on the various Silkin blog sites. I ran across several today that I thought I’d comment on and reference for anyone reading this site.

This article from Reuters gives a very good overview of what is presently happening with the Senate bill and its ramifications.

As noted in previous Silkin Management Group blogs, although the Senate version seems better for small businesses, it still is not small business friendly as determined by the NFIB, the primary voice of small business in this country. I also found this article by the Heritage Foundation “think tank” which summarized the problems the bill has for small business.

Take a look at those articles and I think you’ll get caught up, as of today, on what is going on with the bill and its ramification for small business.

One thing I thought was very interesting and, if it wasn’t so absurd, humorous. Apparently the Senate bill is touted as cheaper than the House bill over the next ten years. But a further look shows that possibly the main reason it is cheaper is that many of its provisions would not kick in until 2014, a year later than in the House bill. If true, this is just another typical “slight of hand” performed by our trustworthy politicians. And they wonder why they are among the least trusted group of people in the country.

I invite your viewpoint and comments about this vitally important national debate. Those of us at Silkin Management Group involved in following this always want to hear what people think about this legislation.

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Dave McKevitt
Silkin Management Group

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  1. Richard says

    It’s a wonder anything gets done in DC!

  2. Jeanine says

    I know! Why don’t we just print a whole bunch of money and give it to the masses and see what happens? Oh, grasshoppers of the world unite!

  3. sumatriptan says


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